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Traveling Clinicians

You’re in control of your career as a traveling clinician with Vibra Travels!

Full-Time Corporate Traveler

You can become a full-time corporate traveler. Since we own hospitals across the country, you can begin your journey with us for an assignment at one location and then move to another location throughout the year. If you are looking to travel on a full-time basis, this option could be for you. As a full-time traveler you are eligible for benefits, sick and vacation pay and can participate in our 401K + match plan. As a full-time traveler, you can also take breaks between assignments. The annual requirement for benefits equates to working a minimum average of 24 hours per week per year. Working more than 24 hours each week during a travel assignment could provide additional time off between assignments while still meeting benefit eligibility.

If you live locally to one of our hospitals, pick up PRN between assignments to continue to earn money, but stay home when you want to. We treat you like an employee not a temporary agency hire. No more changing benefits when you want to work at a new location or learning a new EMR system.

To learn more about the benefits available to a full-time corporate traveler click here.

Temporary Travel Role

If you are just looking to do one or two assignments throughout the year the temporary option might be the best fit. This role is designed for a clinician that would ideally like to only travel 1 or 2 times per year or someone that is not interested in benefits.

All temporary positions are offered a competitive hourly rate, stipend and travel costs are paid but temporary roles are not eligible for benefits including sick/vacation or 401k.

Booking Your Travel

Travel Nursing (HIDDEN SECTION)

Whether you are an experience travel RN or exploring travel nursing for the first time, you’ll appreciate the Vibra Travels difference.

As a travel nurse with Vibra Travels, you become part of a family. All our placements are within Vibra Healthcare & Ernest Health family of hospitals. You’ll have access to full-time benefits, paid time off, and consistency between placements, while receiving competitive compensation and stipends for housing, meals, travel, and incidentals.

Travel nursing positions are available across the United States, in both long-term acute care hospitals and inpatient rehabilitation hospitals. Need a state license for your next placement? No problem! We’ll reimburse you upon completion of the assignment.

If you’re interested in a rewarding career as a traveling nurse, without the informality of working with a nursing agency, consider joining the Vibra Travels family!