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Our Strategy

Our Strategy

The quality and personal touch that our customers expect.

The Infuse by Vibra Strategy

Our approach to specialty infusions combines the benefits of a big company with those of a small local business.

The day-to-day operations of our clinic are overseen by doctors and nurse practitioners. Every step of the infusion process is administered by a registered nurse. Unit intake coordinators take care of scheduling and insurance-related areas. And much like a good sitcom bar, every one of them knows your name.

Our infusion clinic is made to be a stress-free, spa-like environment. Each infusion is administered in your own private space, equipped with luxurious amenities including a heated, reclining massage chair, private TV, adjustable lighting, and a HEPA filter. We want you to look forward to your infusion appointments, not dread them.

You have a choice when it comes to your infusions.
Choose comfort. Choose compassion. Choose Infuse by Vibra.