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Our Clinic

Infuse by Vibra

What To Expect

Our clinics spa like atmosphere features private infusion suites so that you can receive your treatment in a quiet and comfortable setting.

You will have four designated front row parking spaces to choose from.

Don’t be bored while you are with us;
  • Watch what you want on your very own personal television
  • Scroll through your favorite apps or surf the web on our complementary guest Wi-Fi
  • Enjoy a massage or take a nap while sitting in your heated recliner
  • With black out curtains in each private suite you have the option of natural light, indoor lighting or lights off.
  • Patients have the option to wrap up in one of our heated blankets during their infusion
  • Hungry or thirsty during your treatment? Just ask your nurse for a cold bottle of water or a light snack